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The Dos and Don’ts Of Bathroom Remodeling

There are two main reasons why bathroom remodeling is important to your home- first, it is one element that can add commendable glamour in your indoor space. Secondly, research indicates that a bathroom is one part of a home that increases its value by over 70%. This means that when you remodel your bathroom, you will increase the resale value of your premises by this percentage.

Of course, bathroom remodeling for your American home will came with an array of other advantages despite the cost that you might have tom incur in order to get the results you always desire. However, there are a few dos and don’ts that most plumbers or builders won’t tell you, but since you are important, this article finds it important for you to have extensive knowledge in them.


Purchase products that are of high standard

Is you builder telling you that some cheap tiles will work the same way like those from the best brands in America? This is a plain lie that you should avoid like a chronic disease. When you need to do a bathroom remodeling, make sure you buy products that comply with the American standards. When you set out to the market, ignore all products that don’t have the Standards America mark of quality. Additionally, a product that doesn’t have a warrant isn’t worth it. Go for the best, and you will always get the best.

Look for a builder, not a plumber to manage your project

Despite the fact that most plumbing work is found in your bathroom, do not convince yourself that a professional plumber will do a better job than a professional builder. This is a myth. Hire a builder to manage your project. Let them oversee the project from start to finish. For a fact, most builders in America have basic plumbing knowledge, thus they will be quick to put everything into place once the job is complete.

Consider moderation

Bathroom remodeling is aimed at changing the overall look of your bathroom. However, this does not mean that you should overdo it. Use few decorations. Overcapitalizing may end up producing a worse design than the previous. Be wise.


Never thing of bathroom remodeling as a DIY project

Well, many homeowners will avoid calling professional builder for bathroom remodeling since they believe it is an easy, hence it should not cost them money. However, if you want to achieve the best, always make sure you don’t think to do it yourself. Call the professionals for a professional service.

Avoid moving the plumbing

Plumbing can be difficult to put back in place if removed. When you are doing a bathroom remodeling, ask your builder whether it is really necessary to move the plumbing. In most cases, you will achieve the best results if you leave ever fixture in its place, but you may need to rework or replace them in the course of re modelling.

The above dos and don’ts are eye openers to any American homeowner whose main goal is to achieve the best for his/her bathroom.

Tree Surgical Treatments

Proper Pruning and Staking

When it comes to looking after our natural garden or forests with trees, it is also important to understand what pruning and staking are all about. Tree pruning means you are removing certain stems or branches off the tree in order to benefit the whole tree. Sometimes it means removing any dead or damaged, diseased branches to prevent insect organisms decaying the tree. Sometimes pruning the dense canopy of a tree will increase its air and sunshine needs, often resulting in fewer diseases.

Tree Surgical Treatments

Staking is also a surgical treatment for trees

As soon as a young tree has been planted, it is the right time to stake. Staking is meant to keep a young tree secure and firm in the soil . It is necessary to check the stakes and their ties each year so that they are not becoming too tight on the tree and causing damage to the tree. Once your trees can support themselves without bending or moving firmly and strong in the ground, the stakes can be removed to allow the tree to grow on its own . This can take anytime from 18 months to 3 years time.

How to stake trees 

There are quite a few ways of staking you trees. It will all depend on the type of tree you stake, its size and the planting methods you use. Stakes need to go into the ground to at least 2 feet deep. If the stake is not stable in the ground, then the plant won’t be anchored properly either.

You get single stakes and double stakes:

  • Single stakes are the method usually used for bare-root trees. Here the stake is inserted before the tree is plant. For most trees, the stakes needs to be one-third of the tree height. That will anchor the roots properly and allow the stems to get thicker and have sway. If the tree has long stems, use a long and vertical stake, cutting it lower the next year. A gap of about an inch should be between the stake and the stem.
  • Double stakes are the standard methods of staking trees in containers or root-balled trees. You can insert 2 or 3 stakes, evenly spaced apart around the planted tree outside of the root ball. Secure it to the trunk with ties or a timber cross-bar. This is a good method in windy areas as well.

With staking, it is just always important that the ties don’t become too tight. They need to be adjusted regularly.

Pruning of the new trees

New trees don’t really need much pruning. The amount of time it takes for a new tree to establish itself averages about 3 years, and little pruning is necessary at this stage. If and when you do prune, you would generally follow these guidelines but before you plant them in your new garden and home, see some tips and advice here:

  • Prune off any damaged branches and dead wood
  • Prune those branches that pose a structural problem; that might be a problem later on
  • Any water sprouts which are the soft and very fast-growing vertical growths would need to be removed at the limb or the trunk from which they have grown
  • Suckers, which are similar to water sprouts and grow from the base of the plant or roots should be removed.

After about 3 years, lower branches from the tree could be removed, generally taking off about 1 or 2 branches a year. If you take off too many, you can inhibit the tree, causing it to weaken from the “wounding”.

Living, beautiful trees a joy to behold

Trees are alive, living and breathing organisms. A tree has circulation, it grows, it digests its food and it needs water, sun and air to thrive. Trees shown off in parks or gardens will need pruning and staking like people have cosmetic procedures. This enhances their beauty. In the wild they are still beautiful and go their own lovely way.

Proper tree pruning does enhance the beauty of most landscaped trees and shrubs, but improper pruning ruins and reduces the landscaped potential. It is far better not to prune than to prune incorrectly. In nature, trees and plants go years without being pruned and many times, man ruins what nature created. Using improper pruning methods turns healthy plants into weakened or deformed plants.

Cork Flooring is Your Best Option For Durability And Aesthetic Value

cork flooringIt is inevitable, almost everyone no matter how long they have lived in their house, wants to replace their flooring at some point. Do you have carpet that is covered in pet stains, juice, coffee or wine stains? Carpet gets matted down and shows wear patterns quickly.

Alternatively, maybe you have hardwood floors that are full of scratches and dents. Linoleum that is peeling up at the edges and seams and has rips and tears in it.

No matter what type of flooring you currently have. If you are not happy with what you are walking on, it can reduce the appearance and value of your home dramatically. If you are considering a new floor, you owe it to yourself to look into cork flooring as an option.

How Durable Is Cork?

When you think of cork, you may think immediately of wine corks or small cork plugs that are used to plug bottles of all shapes and sizes. You may have had the experience of a cork used in a wine bottle breaking off into your wine. If this has happened to you, you might be wondering if cork really is strong enough for a flooring option.

The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, cork is probably one of the strongest flooring options available on the market today! Cork is much less affected by impact and friction than hardwood, laminate or tile flooring. Therefore, cork can stand up to much more use and abuse than any other flooring type.

In fact, cork has an amazing resistant and is extremely resilient to pressure. If you stand on a cork floor with high heels, the floor will make an impression or a dent. However, when you remove the pressure, the floor will spring back to its original shape almost immediately, and leave no lasting mark or impression!

This is handy if you plan to place any heavy furniture on your floor. With other types of flooring such as carpet, heavy furniture will leave a permanent mark when it is moved. However with cork, when you remove the furniture, the floor with look as good as new.

When you drop heavy items on tile floors, they are prone to cracking and breaking. However, with a cork floor, the item will not leave a mark. This is an excellent property if you have small children or are just clumsy!

What About Water?

Cork contains a natural substance called suberin. Suberin is a waxy type of substance that makes the cork impervious to liquids and the cork will not rot if it is exposed to water or liquid like a hardwood or laminate.

This makes cork flooring a perfect choice for kitchens or bathroom areas. Cork is the best seal around which is evidenced by the use of cork to stop up wine bottles for centuries.

If you spill anything on a cork floor, you do not have to worry about staining or any other damage, you simply wipe it up, and the mess is gone. Unlike carpet or hardwood where you would have to worry about a permanent stain or discoloration of the floor.

The Final Decision

Cork is the perfect choice for flooring if you need something that will stand up to use and abuse, be long lasting, is resistant to water and stains and be safe for the environment.

An excellent value for your money, cork will last forever and is only half the price of many other popular flooring options.

Contact a Reputable Locksmith to Cut Car Keys with Ease

car keysThere are many reasons why you might want to cut car keys. Getting a new key for your car may sound like it is a simple process. However, it can be problematic that you may think about it. Modern cars come with keys that are made using a more advanced technology than those of the past decades. Some of them are laser-cut with transponder chips that provide more security. Therefore, if you need a new or a replacement key for your car, you should look for a reputable locksmith that can duplicate your car key professionally. A reputable locksmith has tools that are necessary for producing duplicate car keys.

Why you may want to cut new car keys

Most people want to cut new car keys after losing their original keys. Getting the keys replaced by the manufacturer of your car is an expensive and tedious process. Fortunately, you can have a professional locksmith replace the lost keys of your car. The best locksmith has tools and experience that is required to cut new keys. Therefore, you should not panic if you lose your keys. In case, you lose the keys to your car, and you cannot enter or start your car, you can contact a reputable emergency locksmith. All you need is the VIN number of your car to have new keys cut for you. For older cars, the process of cutting new keys is simpler. Nevertheless, you can have keys of a newer car model cut as well. Perhaps, your car uses the laser-cut key that has a transponder chip. A reputable locksmith can help with that as well using the latest technology. Remember that even if you have not lost your current car keys, you should get a duplicate key. This is a proactive way of avoiding the inconveniences that come with losing or misplacing car keys.

Services offered by locksmiths who cut new or replacement car keys

Whether your car key is in the car or lost, you can get help from a professional locksmith. There are instances when a car key can be broken in the lock. Your car keys can also fail to work after getting excessively worn out. A skilled locksmith will help you in these and other circumstances. They will help you with any model or make of your car keys and transponder keys. All you need is to choose a reputable and professional locksmith to cut car keys for your car within the shortest time possible.

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